WP Wingman Solo

WP Wingman Solo

WP Wingman Solo

$49 Monthly
  • [su_tooltip text=”Keeping your WordPress core app secure and up-to-date”]Weekly WordPress Core Updates[/su_tooltip]
  • [su_tooltip text=”Keeping your themes and plugins secure and up-to-date”]Weekly Theme & Plugin Updates[/su_tooltip]
  • [su_tooltip text=”An email report of updates applied to your website for the month”]Monthly Email Of Updates Applied[/su_tooltip]
  • [su_tooltip text=”No backups are included in this package. You must have your own backups in place!” title=”Backups Not Included” background=”#ee6622″]You must have YOUR OWN backups already in place[/su_tooltip]
Get Started

Our Solo package is aimed at users who have regular backups in place and are comfortable restoring from the last good backup point.

Because we are not performing the security and backups, we can offer this plan for less.

Please note that you may lose some data if you have added content to your site after the last backup has been taken.

There are some really good real-time backup plugins like VaultPress and BackupBuddy which can help mitigate data loss from your site if you are relying on backups.

Price of this plan is $49 per month, Australian Dollars, including GST.

Features Included In This Plan

  • Weekly WordPress Core Updates
    We will update WordPress once every week.
  • Weekly Theme & Plugin Updates
    We will update your out-of-date themes and plugins once every week.
  • Weekly Email
    We will send you a weekly email letting you know what updates we have applied to your site.

What Do We Need From You?

  • One Administrator account for your WordPress website.
    We need an admin account in order to update the website core, theme and plugin files.
    We would prefer a separate account, rather than sharing a new one.
    You can use hello@wp-wingman.com as the account email address.
  • Access to your backups
    We will need to download a copy of your latest backup set for restoring your site.
  • Access to your hosting control panel or FTP access to the account
    We need access to your website files and server logs should something break.
    We will need to be able to upload backup files to restore your site.

How Does This Process Work?

Step 1: You purchase the plan using the buttons on this page and go through the checkout process.

Step 2: We will receive a notification of your subscription to the WP Wingman service.

Step 3: We will get in touch with you to help you through the setup process so we can look after your site.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I cancel at any time?

Yes, you can!  Each plan is billed monthly.

Where are backups stored?

We use the VaultPress service for creating and managing site backups.  These are stored on servers in the USA.

If you have European customers, and your site stores any personal data you will have to update your privacy policy to include this in accordance with GDPR.

Speak with us if you think this will cause an issue.  We can find an alternative country-specific solution for you.

When are updates performed?

We try to minimise downtime for your site so we’ll ask you when the best time is to perform updates.

We also recommend that you implement a custom WordPress Maintenance Mode Page rather than use the built-in one, to give your customers a better experience.

What is classed as a small job?

Something that can be done in under 30 minutes.  Small jobs do not roll over to the next month.

What is the discounted developer rate?

If a job is going to take longer than 30 minutes, we will give you a development quote.  Our discounted development rate is $198 per hour – that’s a 10% discount off our normal $220 hourly rate.

How do you manage support requests?

We use a product called Zendesk.  Support tickets have unique IDs and are largely managed via email.

What do you mean by “30 mins consultancy”?

We find that some business owners like to ask our opinion on WordPress-related matters like which plugin to use for X or what’s the best way of achieving Y.

As long as it’s WordPress-related then we’ll try our best to help you as expert WordPress consultants.

Consultancy time does not roll over to the next month.

Why are eCommerce and membership sites only in the top plan?

These types of sites have many moving parts and usually link out to external sites like payment gateways.

This makes the management of the site more complex and time consuming.

Why monitor traffic spikes?

We monitor your Google analytics data for traffic spikes that are 75% and above.

A traffic spike is can be an early indication of a security issue or that the web server is going to become overloaded.

Responding early allows us to try and mitigate the issue.

Traffic spikes could also be a result of your great marketing or content going viral.

We will require admin access to your Google Analytics account to implement this monitor, or we can walk you through creating it and adding our email address.

What is a staging server?

It’s a copy of your production (live) website that you can test scenarios on such as updating complex plugin combinations or rolling out new website features.

The staging server is separate from your production server.

Once you are happy with changes on staging we can copy the site over to production.

We use Digital Ocean droplets for our staging servers.  The default staging server included in the price has 2GB RAM, 2 virtual CPU cores and 60GB storage which should be sufficient for most WordPress business cases.

If you would like to mirror your production server environment’s RAM and CPU we can work with you to do that at an additional cost per month for the extra resources.

Is VPS management included in the plans?

No, Virtual Private Server (VPS) management is not a service that we provide.

Talk to your website hosting company, most will offer a VPS management service.

Will you install any additional plugins on my website?

Yes, we will install:

  • Jetpack which is required for VaultPress backups (don’t worry – we will turn everything else off so it doesn’t impact performance)
  • Wordfence which is our preferred security solution

Depending on your setup we may also install

  • Stream which monitors your site activity. This is a great tool for tracking user activity such as registrations and updates.

If we need to install additional plugins we will let you know in advance.

What is uptime?

We use two software services to monitor your website in 15-minute intervals to ensure it is responding (up).

If your website service fails, our monitors will catch that and send us an alert.

We can either deal with the situation ourselves or raise a ticket with the hosting company on your behalf.

If the outage is prolonged we will notify you by your preferred method, email, SMS or phone.

Can I stack minutes for jobs & consultancy?

Sorry, the time allocated for jobs and consultancy does not stack or roll-over to the next month. We do offer a discounted rate for development with this plan!

Do you provide SSL certificates? No, we’re not a hosting company.
You will need to arrange an SSL certificate directly with your current web hosting provider. They will install it onto your web server.
Note: You should not have to pay for an SSL certificate. The organisation https://letsencrypt.org/ offers free SSL certificates and your web hosting provider should be using this service or offering a free SSL certificate of their own. Can you host my website? No sorry.
We’re not a hosting company. We help manage your WordPress website for you but not the underlying web hosting system.
For premium WordPress managed hosting, we would recommend WP Engine, Flywheel or Kinsta.
For mid-level hosting, we would recommend SiteGround. Do you manage e-commerce website?

Yes, we can look after your WooCommerce, Easy Digital Download or other WordPress e-commerce website on our WP Wingman Three plan.

All prices are in Australian Dollars and are inclusive of GST.