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Fixing the Google Blacklist Screen

How to Fix the Google Blacklist Warning Page

By Wil / June 11, 2019
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Has your site been blacklisted by Google? Here is how to fix and remove the Google blacklist warning page. Get rid of the Red Screen of Death!

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How WordPress Sites Get Hacked (Solved)

By Wil / May 30, 2019
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Is your WordPress site getting hacked all the time? Here are the top reasons how, why and what to do to secure and fix your site.

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7 Super Easy Hacks to Beef Up Your WordPress Security

7 Super Easy Hacks to Beef Up Your WordPress Site Security

By Wil / April 29, 2019
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Try our 7 super easy to implement hacks that will beef up the security of your WordPress website in minutes.

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How To Move Your wp-config.php File to Secure Your WordPress Site

By Wil / March 1, 2019
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Moving your wp-config.php file is quick, easy and will help secure your site from hackers and botnets.

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