About WP Wingman

As WordPress grows in popularity and complexity, the time needed to keep it secure and current increases.

57% Of WordPress websites are running an old and vulnerable version of WordPress.

We understand that business owners want to get on with running their business, not spending valuable time applying updates and fixing compatibility issues.

WordPress makes it super-easy to update content, but even that still takes time, and if you’re not in the WordPress admin every day, you can easily forget where things are and how things are done, adding to the overall time.

We exist to free up your time so you can better spend it on growing your business and customers.

WP Wingman is part of the Zero Point Development family.

Consultant. Developer. Business Coach.

Wil Brown

Wil is the owner of Zero Point Development, a WordPress consultancy company and the founder of WP Wingman.

He sits on the organising sub-committee for WordCamp Sydney and is heavily involved in the WordPress community.

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