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Let us manage your website so you can focus on your business

Australian Based.  Fast Responses.  No Technical Gibberish.

If you aren't online.  You don't exist!

How much business would you lose if your website was down for just one day?

How much would your reputation be left in tatters if your website got hacked?

Don't let that be your website!

WP Wingman can take care of your website.

We'll back it up, keep it up-to-date and make customisations when you need them done.

We Free Up Your Time

Time that you can spend running your business and making money.
Doesn't that sound good?

Our site care plans include

Cloud Backups

Daily or real-time offsite cloud backups for your website files and database

Tough Security

Stop brute-force attacks, malware scanning and the best security practices

Regular Updates

Keeping the WordPress core, plugins and themes up-to-date with current versions.

Expert Support

WordPress experts to answer your questions and fix your site issues

24/7 Uptime Monitoring

Continuously monitoring your website to make sure it is always up and running

Monthly Reports

Keep a record of the uptime, tickets, jobs, issues and security of your website

Our Blog Posts

Hacker with laptop

How WordPress Sites Get Hacked (Solved)

By Wil | May 30, 2019

Is your WordPress site getting hacked all the time? Here are the top reasons how, why and what to do to secure and fix your site.

7 Super Easy Hacks to Beef Up Your WordPress Security

7 Super Easy Hacks to Beef Up Your WordPress Site Security

By Wil | April 29, 2019

Try our 7 super easy to implement hacks that will beef up the security of your WordPress website in minutes.

Internet Security

How To Move Your wp-config.php File to Secure Your WordPress Site

By Wil | March 1, 2019

Moving your wp-config.php file is quick, easy and will help secure your site from hackers and botnets.

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